About Us

Mary Campbell Training Center is located at Horse Haven Ranch on Tucson's beautiful east side. Our primary function is training Arabian show horses and showing all over the Western States. We pride ourselves in individual care of both horse and rider. Using kind and consistent methods we get results that are evident in the show ring as well as at home. Our goal is to make successful show horses that are easy and safe to be around and that owners can be proud of. We also try to keep the cost of showing down to a minimum so that our customers can afford to enjoy the camaraderie of competition with other horse owners. We also stress the fun of showing horses as well as being competitive. We encourage owners to be “hands on” by including lessons with our training program so that the owners are learning the same things their horses are. We also want our owners to be comfortable enough to take care of their horses while at the same time trusting us to do it for them.

We train horses and riders for the show ring and to enjoy their horses in other equestrian activities. We specialize in youth and adult amateurs. Our team members compete in many different disciplines including: English Pleasure, Country English Pleasure, Show Hack, Hunter Pleasure, Sport horse, Halter, Driving, Western Pleasure, Trail, and Competitive Trail at the local, regional and national levels. Additionally, several members enjoy recreational trail riding